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Vimeo’s Tailgate: simple real-time access to your logs


Tailgate on Github:

Tailgate is a nodejs app to pipe tail -F into websockets.

It’s a very simple way to have real-time access to your logs. It uses and coffeescript, and is great for keeping track of scribe logs.

Live demo here:

Tailgate Monitor


Tailgate exposes it’s feeds as a simple pub/sub api through connections making it easy to build visualizations or monitoring tools as simple web pages.


cd <install/directory> git clone cd tailgate cp conf/ conf/ 

Edit conf/ to have the correct values for your installation.


If you want to use the script.

cp startup/ startup/ sudo ln -s <fullpath to tailgate/startup/> /etc/init.d/tailgate 

Edit the startup/ script to use the installation directory and tailgate user to run as. Ensure the tailgate user has write permissions to startup/ so that it can write the pidfile.

sudo /etc/init.d/tailgate start sudo /etc/init.d/tailgate stop sudo /etc/init.d/tailgate restart 


  • Make sure the HTTP port specified in conf/ is not already in use
  • Enable logging in by setting LOGGING="1"