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Jeremy Powers leading at #necx #raphasupercross

Some things get setup sooner than others. Mother-in-law’s white album spins remarkably well considering how many joints were clearly rolled on it.

It was a long ass day of moving, but at least Magnus and I have the living room furniture unpacked.

My bro @swinneh is in town digging in my mother in law’s crates

New commute route

Last days of summer #labrador #butterdog #laborday


Nice get up!


Is it just me or is it time for #necx #cyclocross #ripperscc


@piercebr1111 at the top of Patton #d2r2

Good Morning Cicada

#nofilter fishing morning


my favorite tee for the next two weeks

Rest Day on the Tour


Can we go swimming? YES WE CAN!