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Nice get up!


Is it just me or is it time for #necx #cyclocross #ripperscc


@piercebr1111 at the top of Patton #d2r2

Good Morning Cicada

#nofilter fishing morning


my favorite tee for the next two weeks

Rest Day on the Tour


Can we go swimming? YES WE CAN!

Post ride knee chilling in my boudoir, I mean MAN CAVE. Wearing out a Neko Case LP.

@piercebr1111 on a section of #rscdiverged #bluehillscc #ripperscc

Labrador Point in action! (at Spot Pond)

Today is a #superradmailday!
Thanks @pelotonmagazine @americayall and amazon!

#pioneerride Road Monster Hungry! Eat Car NOM NOM NOM

I’d like to take a moment to thank BILL O’DONNEL OF PARKER VILLAGE for leading such an exemplary life that he was immortalized by this free water fountain in 2002. My bottles were empty, bro, and you filled them up.